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Electric Guitar

“I have used Alloy 5109’s Phosphor Bronze Acoustics on all my guitars for years since my guitar tutor recommended them to me as a teenager. I love them, great price, cool branding, never break, sound awesome, great for bends”.

– Asko Kavala

“I bought a pack of your strings from Tall Toad in Petaluma. I immediately went home and strung up the old tele … love the strings!! I’ve been a huge fan of Thomastik Power Bights for about 10 years now; but these are my new number one! Thanks for providing the world with dyno-mite strings!!”

– Nick Giusto

“Used Sfarzo strings for the first time at a gig last night. Amazing. They kept their tune better, felt better and have better tone than anything I have used before. I recommend that you get some of these”.

– Tom Morgan

“I used to use ___ Low Tune .011-.058 and discovered Sfarzo some months ago while looking around on I was a bit curious, so I picked up 3 sets of Screamers along with my usual __ brand. I wasn’t expecting such a big gap in quality! The Screamers are sounding much more balanced and bright, with lots of sustain and bottom! Also very durable! I tried other brands and I must tell Sfarzo are the best strings I put on my axe so far. The new album will be out in March, followed by a promo tour and I want the really best for my guitar. That’s why I would be proud to become part of the great Sfarzo Artists Family

– Julien Huyssens of the band ANWYNN