Norwegian company Edmire, with innovations in guitar pickups for more than a decade, talks about Alloy5109 guitar strings.
”Sfarzo Alloy5109 Custom Shop set feels consistent and balanced when played. It facilitates my playing for a wide array of styles and technique, it has helped me become a better and more versatile guitarist.
When I first installed Alloy5109 guitar strings, I noticed they sounded "played in" right out of the bag. Alloy5109 strings do not have that hard shrill tone many new strings often have.
Alloy5109 strings are voiced for pronounced midrange, singing harmonics, and rich timbre. Giving excellent string separation where even complex chords cut through the mix. Still... low-end has definition and trebles have a sweetness that balances the prominent midrange tones. Even dynamic playing from the most careful touch to the most powerful riffs show the spectre with Alloy5109. 
The proprietary micro spray coating - which is undetectable, you can’t tell is there - contributes to Alloy5109's long-lasting tone. And the tone is evenly balanced between the plain and the wounded strings, they appear to have a similar harmonic pattern. Increased tone, sustain, and projection along with balance and consistency, make Alloy5109 the choice for Edmire Corporation
After testing contributions between Edmire and Sfarzo, we are proud to announce the new model, #5109CS09548 - 0095 .013 .017 .026 .036 .048. Based on the 10-46 set, the Custom Shop 09548-set have the following attributes:
  • Softer e-string (0095) - make e-string a little softer, similar to b- and g-string. Facilitates shredding techniques like tapping and legato.
  • Stiffer E-string (048) - make E-string feel just as stiff as D- and A-string. Stiffer strings facilitate keeping chords (all strings) in pitch, great for complex chords and classical style. Hard riffing feels more rigid. 
  • Consistency and balance - a balanced amount of force needed to bend the different strings to an equivalent elevated pitch. Smoother transition playing up and down between strings.
  • Flexibility - strings have the right amount of softness and stiffness to be suitable for a wide array of techniques. 
  • Versatility - this set feels so consistent and balanced guitarists will be more comfortable combining different styles, making you a better and more versatile guitarist.  
From technical shredding, hard riffing to soft classical fingerpicking and chord progressions, Edmire highly recommends Alloy5109 #5109CS09548.”
Ed Indrevoll. Founder of Edmire. Guitarist, pickup maker, engineer, and inventor. Connoisseur of tone and dynamics.

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