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Wipe-On Bonding Polymer Treatment

REDF.R.E.D. Wipe-On Bonding Polymer Treatment ™ Won’t absorb into your wood body or fretboard. It is an environmentally safe liquid that evaporates quickly. The polymer coating creates a resistance between the string core and your acidic perspiration from your hands creating a longer lasting better sounding string.

*Coating prevents premature oxidization and corrosion

*Improved tone for 3 to 4 times longer than regular strings

*Does not hamper your ability to do hammer-offs and pull offs

*Easy to displace the string laterally

*No problem using fingerpicks

*Easy to tune

*Coating will not suppress the natural vibration of the strings

*Full of life. Bass strings have punch and trebles bright

*Not a plastic Coating. *Will not fray off

*Easy to use with Guitar Slides


REDF.R.E.D. Wipe-On Bonding Polymer Treatment ™ Free Rock from Excessive Dirt ™

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REDF.R.E.D. Wipe-On Bonding Polymer Treatment™ Lubricates and protects against corrosion, slowing down the corrosive process that is commonly plagued by metal. One bottle can equal up to 100 applications for Bronze, Nickel, Brass, and Steel strings. Extend your string life today! ( not recommended for bowed instruments such as violins and cellos )






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