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For Immediate Release Santa Rosa, California, May 16th 2007 - Alex Picca Operations Manger for Bluhammock Music entered into an agreement today with Sfarzo Strings to produce thousands of guitar string sets for the promotion of Recording Artist Swati and her new release of "Small Gods".

"What a great way to promote an artist" says Greg Sfarzo of Sfarzo Strings. " Alex came to us with the idea of making personalized strings for Swati to assist in promoting her new new album."

Swati approaches songwriting and performing as catharsis: a way to expose her inner self and connect with others. "Onstage," she says, "is the optimum place I can be in my head. When I see a stranger who feels what I feel, the emptiness and loneliness are completely gone. I'm completely content."

As a guitarist, Swati's technique is simultaneously percussive and dreamy, revealing elements of her Indian heritage. Using a twelve string guitar fitted with eight strings, she employs open tunings ala Joni Mitchell and plays through an assortment of effects pedals. The result is remarkable. Swati doesn't sound like anyone else and no one sounds like her; rarely has a solo guitarist sounded as muscular and delicate or gotten such an enormous sound from a simple acoustic instrument. More about Swati at

About Bluhammock Music

After an unfulfilling run as a music programmer at VH1 and agent trainee at the William Morris Agency, Harvard University Graduate Jaylaan Llewellyn, set out to provide a platform for new artists with artistic integrity. So in June 2004, with little know-how on how to run a record company, Llewellyn launched her own, Bluhammock music, an independent label that focuses primarily on singer-songwriters. Since its modest beginnings the company, distributed by RED, a division of Sony, is quickly establishing itself as a destination for artists who represent a lifestyle. More about Bluhammock Music below.

About Sfarzo String Company

Sfarzo Strings has been producing guitar string products for nearly 20 years. Artists from all over the world use Sfarzo Acoustic, Electric, Classical and Super Bass strings. Product line includes Super Screamers, SFT Bass, SFT Electrics, Concert Classics, Red Fred Polymer String Coating and the Jouneyman Guitar Tool. A Dealer base worldwide provides access to musician everywhere.

About Personalized Sfarzo Guitar Strings

Sfarzo offers your very own custom guitar strings. A very cool novelty gift for guitar players. High quality strings with a customize cover of your band name, logo, and or picture. High quality guitar strings come in Nickel Steel Round Wound Electric and Phosphor Bronze Acoustic wrapped in your custom designed packaging. A great way to promote your band or artist. More about Sfarzo personalized Strings at

For more information contact:
Paul Mason, Director, Marketing
Sfarzo String Company

Bluhammock Music continued...

“When we look to sign artists, I want music that can be the soundtrack to people’s lives, songs that say something and have some sort of emotional connectivity to it,” explains Llewellyn, who is the company’s primary A&R and talent scout. “I want music that can speak to you or speak for you.”

The first addition to Bluhammock’s roster was soul-rock band Virginia Coalition, whose performances are larger than life experiences. Retro-pop act Jim Boggia blew Llewellyn away with his rendition of the Beatles’ “She’s Leaving Home.” “It was the most hair-raisingly gorgeous thing I’d ever heard,” Llewellyn says.

Singer-songwriter Kristoffer Ragnstam has been labeled “the Swedish Beck,” while Speech of Grammy-winning Arrested Development already has a multi-platinum track record. The latest addition to the roster is singer Swati, whose artistry exists somewhere between Garbage and Ani DiFranco.

Bluhammock’s lifestyle branding got a jolt when Llewellyn, a horse enthusiast, realized that horse shows provided a young, captive audience that no one was catering to musically. It was a prescient revelation, as Llewellyn’s goal with Bluhammock was to cater to people who live and enjoy a luxury lifestyle. In 2007, Bluhammock will partner up and produce a variety of surrounding key annual events, such as the Palm Beach Equine Clinic and Adequan Gold Coast Jumper Classic Grand Prix at the Winter Equestrian Festival, Polo at Bridgehampton, the Nantucket Wine Festival and the Fidelity Jumper Classic.

“One of the best things we’ve done is come up with their own identity, our own way of doing things,” says Nichelle Sanders, Bluhammock’s CFO and director of operations. “We’re going after an untapped market that hasn’t really been serviced with music. We’re going to horse shows and polo games and sailing events. We’re not tiptoeing around the demographic that gravitates toward our music, we’re bringing the music directly to them.”

With an artistically exemplary roster and savvy business and marketing plans, Bluhammock has created a niche for itself that it plans to occupy -- and expand. “We’re positioning ourselves as the “Lacoste” of music,” Llewellyn says. “Music that is intelligent and upscale, while appealing to a wide range of personalities and ages.”





























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