Sfarzo brings you one of the finest hand-built guitars anywhere.. In Greek mythology, Muse was said to be the inspiration of artists.


The New Sfarzo Muse is not just another pretty face. Everything about this guitar was thought out in great detail with one goal. The create a functional piece of art that in turn will inspire artists.


A rosewood fingerboard and jumbo frets, topped off with a comfortable 25" scale neck allows you effortless reach. Down the one piece mahogany body, it's elegant sculpted double cutaway enhanced by a quilt maple top adds response and articulation to the tone of the MUSE.

The maple neck of the MUSE is equipped with locking tuning machines and a graphite nut for fast re stringing and tuning stability.

The two humbucking pickups are designed and hand wound especially for Muse.

Vintage voicing with hotter output makes her equally at home. She gently weeps or screams for vengeance. Whatever your hearts desire!


Under your right hand you'll find a fully adjustable, locking hard tail bridge that allows different string widths for a totally customized and personalized set-up with superior sustain.

Overall, the Muse will make an impression. From the sensual feel of a hand rubbed finish, to the tasteful adornment of binding to the completely simple and intuitive placement of the controls... the Muse is all about inspiring artists. And Sfarzo strings bring the Muse to life.

This instrument is of unparalleled quality

Custom engraving tastefully emphasizes our dedicated to performance and craftsmanship Custom designed pickups are trusted, Battle proven hardware.
Double cutaway for exceptional access to the neck in addition to weight control, balance, and brighter resonance . 25" scale A compromise between two of the most common scales. Comfortable for any preference.  
Carved body beneficial to weight and body contour. Maple top helps stiffen the body between the neck joint and the bridge.
Hard tail fully adjustable locking saddles. A fixed unit with one thing in mind. Graphite ultra low friction tuning and note bending.
Locking tuners for fast restring, and zero slippage. Low profile for optimum pressure across the nut without excessive headstock angle. Set maple neck for darker organic overtones with the density of maple to enhance sustain and brightness.
Rosewood fingerboard best fit for this instrument. Barrel jack Road ready, reliable and clean looking.
Small angled head stock keeping the tuning keys concentric with the nut reduces excessive friction. Mahogany body provides big resonant thundery lows, tight muscular mids and a balanced top end.












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