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  • SFT SCREAMERS higher iron content which allows the string to sustain longer with higher output.

SFT SCREAMERS higher iron content which allows the string to sustain longer with higher output.


Product Description

Why SFT Screamers ?

Hard rock to heavy metal. These strings have higher iron content which allows the string to sustain longer with louder output. Also known for their long life while maintaining their tone., SFT’s are the favorite string for our hard rocking artists. 


Ben Hartwells 9.5 review


When I first tried the SFT Screamers it was on a low end guitar in a guitar store and I thought the sound was ok, but when I put a set on my own guitar I was blown away with them. Using 10 gauge on my Suhr and Les Paul, the tone is rich and full with huge dynamic range. They have a much more detailed top end then I have previously been used to with other string brands. I’ve been most surprised by this when playing funk style licks in Position 2 on the Suhr, the clarity and punch is excellent. The extra sustain from these strings is also noticeable and very impressive, with an overdriven sound they just sing for days.

Quality & Feel

Sfarzo are all about superior quality when it comes to tone and playability, and it shows. The 10 gauge that I have been gigging for the past 2 weeks feel great under the fingers. They are easy to play for extended periods, stretch and settle in very quickly and stay in tune very well. They also seem to last (tone and playability wise) about twice as long as other strings I have been using. They are not that dissimilar in feel to the premium strings I had been using previously but the tone and lifespan of the strings is greatly improved.


Product Videos

SFARZO SFT Screamers - Studio and live sound test 08:03

SFARZO SFT Screamers electric guitar strings - Studio and live sound test here. Well priced boutique strings, more output, more bottom end, more top end, at this price I'm very surprised how good these strings are. , I'm going to buy a few more sets, you can get them here: here's what SFARZO say about their strings... Precision made, boutique SFT strings are formulated for guitarists who want a string with consistent tonal quality, high output and increased sustain. These strings, with their high Iron content, incorporate the finest USA metal alloy available. We don't just think they are good, we think they are the finest string available. Just try them and sound instantly better! Rockin or shreddin’, just incredible tone! Have you downloaded my app yet? Android: iPhone: WEB: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: #davebarlowguitar

  • SFARZO SFT Scr...
    SFARZO SFT Screamers electric guitar strings - Studio and live...
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  • Sfarzo SFT SCR...
    Hard rock to heavy metal. These strings have higher iron conte...

Product Reviews

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  1. The BEST strings...PERIOD 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 3rd 2018

    I have been playing guitar for over 50 years and the search for tonal excellence, as most of you know is an ongoing joy, which leads us to have extreme G.A.S., better known as Gear Acquisition Syndrome, but I digress!

    One of the main components of great tone obviously starts with a great guitar but often overlooked are the strings we put on our guitars! The big stores don't make it any easier just "pushing" their favorite brands down our throats while not offering any help or knowledge of "unknown" (by them) brands, but known by the musicians who seek for them !

    Sfarzo strings are exactly that, unknown in stores but played by and used by thousands of guitarists worldwide! I had the awesome fortune of discovering the SFT screamers over 10 years ago and have NEVER used anything else on my guitars since!!

    I am a pretty big guy with hands that make most people question how I can even play guitar, let alone at the level I do! When I dig in, I dig in and I have to say only once in the whole time of using Sfarzo strings did I ever break a string! A "D" string, but it was old(two gigs and rehearsals in between, plus individual practice time,over a month!) and I knew it was about to go but I wanted to see just how long they actually do last and hold their tone!

    The SFT Screamers are IMHO the BEST string on the market for just about any genre you might play! I've tried the other Sfarzo strings and they are all great but the Screamers just have something about them that leads to tonal nirvana!!

    Every adjective you could use about excellence in tonal reproduction pertains to these strings, so do yourself a HUGE favor and check out some Sfarzo SFT'll never play anything else after!

    My favorites are the drop "D" set, 9-48s !! Peace to all! Jeff Pecoraro

  2. Screamers 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 22nd 2018

    I've played many name brand strings through out the years. No doubt, Sfarzo strings are the best sounding longest strings I've played. Great strings. Great company!!! GET THEM!!!

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