SFT SCREAMERS - These strings have higher iron content which allows the string to sustain longer with higher output. Also known for their long life while maintaining their tone. A perfect Rock and Roll to Heavy Metal string.

When placing your order, please specify Short, Long or Extra Long Scale 

Measuring from the bridge to the nut 

Short Scale - First taper drop off, 32", Long Scale - First taper drop off, 36.5"-37.25", Extra Long Scale - First taper drop off, 38"-39.5"



Current Stock:
Width: 6.00
Height: 6.00
Depth: 0.25

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Sfarzo Bass Screamers kick serious ass!!!

I love these strings! They give me that thick bottom end that I’ve always wanted. I play heavy music and I need a string that gives me that tone & sustain that punches people in the face, so too speak. The best thing about the Sfarzo Bass Screamers is that when I change my strings, set them & they stay in tune like no one else. I’ve tried all the others bass string companies & Sfarzo is the one!! After playing for almost 40 years, I finally have the strings that deliver the goods & big time!