These are your very own custom personalized guitar string sets that contain nothing less than superior quality metal alloy guitar strings. Once you place your order, we will contact your for an image and process your order. 


Current Stock:
Width: 4.00
Height: 4.25
Depth: 3.75

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"I currently have 42 guitars in the arsenal. Changing strings becomes almost a daily occurrence. I constantly look for a better product, and I think I have tried EVERYTHING! The Sfarzo product is the best out there. The Signatures strings for long lasting and consistent tone and feel. The TouchTones for a bright and powerful output with rich harmonics and great feel. I also notice they hold a tune better than the others I have tried, and last WAAAYYY longer too. At any price, Sfarzo is a superior string. Period! But how cool is it that they will package any string, and any gauge in a custom pack? I wanted to run some with the old Eddie Van Halen gauge of 9-11-15-24-32-40 and they had no problem in doing that. A custom set with cool artwork and professional packaging at this price??!! This doesn't exist. No matter if it is a birthday present, Christmas, or just to do it. Why would you not get custom strings when they cost less than the competitors standard string packs?"

Custom strings

Artwork is top notch. Big meaty tones at a great price. Love the sound of these strings.