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Guitar Instruction Bundle



A Complete Guitar Instruction Learning System that is Easy to Follow

You'll get step by step video instructions that show you the secrets of how to play the guitar in great detail

Videos take you from being an absolute beginner, right through to playing some of the most advanced guitar techniques around!

1,000s of lines of guitar tabulature empower you with the skills to be able to play virtually ANY song you can find written out in Guitar TAB.

Integrated in this course are 148 step-by-step video lessons and 26 high quality Jam Tracks for you to jam along with! You can turn the guitar track off and jam along with our drummer and bass guitarist or you can leave the guitar track playing and try and keep up!

You ALSO get Guitar Tuner Pro to get you tuned correctly and keep you tuned. AND you get the Jamorama Metronome to train you to play with a rock steady rhythm.

This is an all laid out step-by-step method for anyone to understand


Acoustic players receive 3 sets of Sfarzo SFT Super Bronze. They have a warm crisp sound and developed for a more uniformed and even response without harsh overtones.

Electric players would receive 3 sets of SFT Electric Screamers. Produced with a Nickel / Iron combination of alloy that results in a very powerful sounding tone.


> Guitar Lessons with 44 chapters and 252 pages of instruction Starting at complete “I don’t know where my fingers go” beginner and taking you to “How did I get so good” advanced guitar playing. These lessons have been specifically designed for easy use with integrated video and audio so that every powerful time saving tool and easy-when-you-know-how skill developed is RIGHT at your fingertips!


> 148 Step-by-step Video Lessons Video lessons have been professionally recorded and edited. They are easier to follow. There is no substitute for seeing and hearing how something is supposed to be played. Multiple camera angles, and cutting edge animated graphics take you from an absolute beginner right through to playing some of the most advanced rhythm techniques around! You'll discover the most effective ways to practice so that you master new material quickly, without developing bad habits. Learn to play guitar smoothly and flawlessly, while cutting your learning time in half.

> Computer game "GuitEarIt!" that trains your ear to identify all the variousguitar chords.,Playing "GuitEarIt!" is not only fun, it will fast track you to playing your favorite songs by ear! It has a revolutionary game where you have to find out various guitar chords. It is a fun way to learn and recognize chords and their sounds.


> Detailed instruction on how to quickly master impressive skills. Pickingstrumming styles, percussive strum, deadening, staccato strum tricked out scales, hammer-ons, pull offs, transposing keys , percussive strum, deadening, staccato strum, vibrato, palm muting and much, much more!


> You will learn how to play in a band with step-by-step jamming lessons. These include 26 exclusive Jam Tracks for you to jam along with! These Jam Tracks have been recorded to cover a wide range of musical styles including rock, jazz, country, blues, hip-hop and dance. See your guitar playing skills sky-rocket!


> Step by step lesson on how to perform tricky guitar skills. That's over ten years' worth of expensive and hard-won information in a simple and easy to follow format - comprehensive insider knowledge at your finger tips, available 24/7, whenever you want to learn.

> How to play with exceptional speed and timing using the Virtual Metronome. Designed specifically to keep you in time and with my simple techniques, make you faster than you ever thought possible.


> JaydeMusica designed to help you learn how to read music.It's a fun game designed as such to help you learn to read music.




Q - What kind a of warranty does your Guitar Learning Software have ?
A - If you don't like the product for ANY reason, you can return it for an immediate 100% refund of your purchase price. And remember, this is a 60 day guarantee. You're free to return it next week, next month, or up to 60 days from now. Just e-mail us and we will process an immediate 100% refund.



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