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Sfarzo Super Bronze strings arrived after testing many combinations of metal alloy. They have a warm crisp sound and developed for a more uniformed and even response without harsh overtones.


1010802 SF8ST SFT Super Bronze Super Lite
.010 .014 .022 .028 .038 .048
1020802 SF8EL SFT Super Bronze Extra Lites
.011 .014 .022 .030 .036 .046
1030802 SF8LT SFT Super Bronze Lites
.011 .015 .023 .030 .040 .050
1040802 SF8ML SFT Super Bronze Medium Lt
.012 .015 .025 .034 .044 .054
1050802 SF8ME SFT Super Bronze Mediums
.013 .017 .026 .035 .045 .056







"Since I've quit using pickups and processors when playing acoustic guitar live (w/ band), I've been looking for a more robust and balanced sounding string.  I play a wonderful sounding Bourgeois JOMC-Deluxe and simply mic it with a AKG 391B.  So I wanted a string that was warm and articulate without being metallic or mushy.  When a friend gave me a set of Sfarzo SFT Bronze to try my search was over.  These strings have a great vocal quality that just allows my acoustic to sing at it's best.  Thanks Greg, for a terrific product." Best Regards, Nick Champlin NixGear






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