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Electric 6-7 String Guitar

Electric 4-5 String Bass

Acoustic 6 String Bronze / Classical

Tools / Polymer Coating / Guitar Lessons

MUSE Custom Guitar



S.F.T. 4
S.F.T. 5

Enhances your thumb popping sound. These strings are formulated using the finest quality metal alloy to achieve the ultimate brilliant highs, penetrating lows, power and punch while still retaining the fundamental tones needed for bass instruments.


5020RW SFBEL S.F.T. Super Bass Wound Extra Lite
040 060 075 095
5030RW SFBME S.F.T. Super BassWound Medee Lt
045 065 080 100
5040RW SFBML S.F.T. Super BassWound Med Lite
045 065 080 105
5050RW SFBMD S.F.T. Super BassWound Mediums
050 070 085 105
5530RW SFBME S.F.T. 5 String Bass Medee Lt
045 065 080 100 130
5540RW SFBML S.F.T. 5 String Bass Med Lite
045 065 080 105 130
5550RW SFBMD S.F.T. 5 String Bass Mediums
050 070 085 105 130


4 String Sets





5 String Sets





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