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What is the ? is a very cool novelty gift for guitar players. The guitar string cover is customize with your band name, logo, or picture. These strings are high quality Nickel Steel Round Wound Electric's and Acoustics. The perfect gift for a guitarist that has everything!

What is the affiliate program and who can apply ? The affiliate program allows you to make extra income from sales that come from your website. Anyone with a web site can be an affiliate. However, if your site contains inappropriate content you would not qualify. Please see the terms of the agreement in the application process.

Is there any charge for me to be an Affiliate ? Absolutely not. There is no fee you have to pay.

How do I get paid my referral commission fee ? Simply, when a visitor of your site clicks our link, it sends a code informing us that a potential customer is about to purchase. Once that customer makes a purchase by Credit Card or Mails in a check, you then get your commission for the sale.

How will I know when someone purchases ? We do the accounting and post your results on the web for you to see. You will be assigned a special code to view your stats.

I want to start. How do I do this ? Please fill out the application on this page. Please read the terms of the agreement. Once you are approved, we will notify you by Email. At that time, we will provide you with the HTML code for our banner Link to be placed on our site.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us at


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